About Her

About Her
Donata D. Mooring focus and goals are to EDUCATE entrepreneurs about SLEEP-HEALTH-FITNESS -WELLNESS as a Certified Sleep Science Coach and a Holistic Life Coach.   She is a National Editor for The National Black Unity News who serves individuals and businesses who offer solutions to the community.   She has a Podcast "Rest Leads to Revenue" weekly on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Sound Cloud, iHeart Radio and Elite ConversationBlog Talk Radio .   She is an Author of "21 Days to Improve Your Sleep Hygiene & Lose Weight" and a Co-author "Courageous ENOUGH to Launch".

After tired entrepreneurs work with Donata D. Mooring, they become mindful and gain energy to grow their business to the next level. Donata D. Mooring struggled with getting the quality sleep she needed. As a single parent, mother, wife, grandmother, divorcee, college graduate, full time employee and entrepreneur she slept less and worried more. That is the reason why she is on a mission to STOP entrepreneurs and business owners from dis-RESPECTING sleep!

Through her Rest Leads to Revenue Formula Program, entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals are being educated on the health benefits of sleeping and applying those principles to a prosperous business full of profitability and productivity!

Her focus is to educate the importance of getting the quality of sleep to have more energy, become more productive and avoid unnecessary health challenges.

creating your bedroom spa

Self-Paced Digital Course

* How to evaluate your Sleep Cycle? * Select what healthy snack to eat at night from the Snack Lightly Bedtime List * Plus BONUSES!!! COMING SOON!!!

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The National Black Unity News

Current Issue Oct-Nov-Dec 2020 Read my article on page 21

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Domestic Violence Month October 2020


Domestic Violence Awareness Month October 2020

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Speaking Events

Upcoming Events

Title Date Location
Own Your Truth - Domestic Violence 19 May 2021 Online Event

Past Events

Title Date Location
Girl Talk Conference 07 Mar 2021 Online Event
The Future is NOW 2021 08 Feb 2021 Online Event
The Mindset of Multi-Streams of Income - Legacy Game Changer Podcast 04 Jan 2021 Online Event
How Linkedln Works - Guest Speaker 04 Dec 2020 Online Event
Dirty Hair Secrets Podcast 10 Nov 2020 Online Event
Business Beyond Limits - WendyY Podcast 05 Nov 2020 Online Event
Lunch & Chat with Leslie 27 Oct 2020 Online Event
Courageous ENOUGH to Launch - Virtual Book Launch 21 Sep 2020 Online Event
Feature Speaker - The National Black Unity News 15 Sep 2020 Online Event
TNBUN Editors Conference 11 Aug 2020 Online Event
Author Showcase Featuring Black Book Authors Nationwide & Beyond! 10 Aug 2020 Online Event
Visionary Network Group 01 Jul 2020 Online Event
Awesome Women Event {AWE} Virtual Networking 24 Jun 2020 Online Event
TNBUN Conference Call 16 Jun 2020 Online Event
Taking the Lead Podcast 16 Apr 2020 Online Event
Books On Stage 05 Apr 2020 Online Event
Power at the Podium 16 Nov 2019 1741 West Nursery Road, Linthicum Heights, MD, USA
Authors Showcase 12 Oct 2019 5011 Arbutus Avenue, Baltimore, MD, USA
Black Literature Expo 10 Aug 2019 101 North Gay Street, Baltimore, MD, USA
5Star Coaching Services, LLC 15 Jun 2019 2400 Maryland 97, Cooksville, MD, USA

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Courageous ENOUGH to Launch

I am so excited to become one of the 40+ women who were Courageous ENOUGH To Launch to share their truth and experience so you will have the courage to launch your passion. Includes shipping and autograph signature

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