Episode #13 - Dr. Johnette Shares Her Business Success and the Importance of Rest

31 Jul

Rest Leads To Revenue Podcast

Host: Donata D. Mooring, 

Guest: Dr. Johnette Ruffner-Caeser, CEO at Liberated Expressions LLC

Episode 13:  Dr. Johnette shares her business success and the importance of rest.


  • About Liberated Expressions LLC
  • The importance of getting great rest before an important meeting or interview
  • The importance in having a good pillow 
  • Learn how Dr. Johnette uses the powerful calming app, "Relax Melody", to stay relaxed
  • Resume services that you can find at Liberated Expressions  

Host Bio: Donata D. Mooring – Certified Sleep Science, Holistic Life & Accountability Fitness Coach


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