Episode #17 - Menopause the Best Kept Secret - Part II

28 Aug

Rest Leads To Revenue Podcast

Episode 17: Menopause and the Best Kept Secret,  Sleep & Sex - Part II

Host: Donata D. Mooring, 

Guest: Natascha Hardee, Sexability Coach, Certified Life Coach


  • Why in Menopause the best kept secret?
  • The importance of being properly educated about menopause
  • Every women has their own experience with menopause
  • The importance of knowing your family history
  • What you should eat?
  • The importance of selfcare
  • The impact of menopause on men

Host Bio: Donata D. Mooring – Certified Sleep Science, Holistic Life & Accountability Fitness Coach

Donata Mooring's focus and goals are to educate TIRED entrepreneurs about Sleep-Holistic-Wellness. She is a National Editor for The National Black Unity News who serves individuals or businesses who need to offer solutions with their products, services, or opportunities. Instead of HELP, Donata EDUCATES entrepreneurs on how to become mindful, gain energy, and become more productive to grow their business.


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